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Mini Color Mavala Nagellack

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  •  many different colors available
  • strengthens the nails
  • the Mavala nail polish gives your nails a neat look
  • very easy to use and dries quickly


Made in Switzerland 🇨🇭 delivered from stock in Germany 🇩🇪: With you in 2-3 days!

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Well-groomed hands say more than 1000 words. People who have well-groomed nails and hands are seen as paying a lot of attention to their appearance. Not only women love it when their fingernails are beautiful, healthy and filed in shape. Of course, a nice nail polish in the same color as the outfit also plays a very important role. This is where the Mavala nail polish comes into play. This offers you many positive properties and is also available in many different colors and shades. Mavala nail polish comes in both subtle and bold colors, so you’re sure to find the right nail polish color for your style here.

If you prefer the elegant style, then a Mavala nail polish in a subtle color is a good choice. However, if you want to attract attention, then you should definitely choose a bright color. The different colors of Mavala nail polish also adapt very well to every skin type. Transparent colors are also available, giving your fingernails a beautiful, reflective shine.

The Mavala nail polish gives you an aesthetic look

The Mavala nail polish is very easy to apply and also dries very quickly. An even application is easy with the Mavala nail polish. Not only do your hands look more beautiful and well-groomed with a nail polish from Mavala, but your entire hands. Cracks and possible discoloration can also be easily prevented with a Mavala nail polish. Another advantage of this nail polish is that it perfectly strengthens your nails. If you also constantly suffer from brittle nails that just don’t want to grow properly, then you should definitely choose Mavala nail polish.

Mavala nail polish – a real insider tip

Mavala is a Swiss brand that is a real insider tip, especially when it comes to nail polishes. Here you not only have the choice of many different color collections, but in addition to the Mavala nail polish you can also find many other products that are perfect for nail care. Mavala has turned to nail care specifically. So today you are offered a very large range in this area. The nail polishes are very popular for this reason in particular, as they come in very small, 5 ml bottles. This means not only that you can buy a Mavala nail polish from a very reasonable price. You can also benefit from the advantage that you can easily get the paint out of the bottle thanks to the small mini bottle. In the end there is nothing left here the entire nail polish color can be easily removed from the bottle. Another advantage of the small bottles is that it is difficult for the color to dry out, since the Mavala nail polish is used up much faster from a small bottle. The Mavala nail polish also offers the wearer a very long shelf life, it can last up to a week or even longer on the nails.

Mavala nail polish – large color selection

The color selection as well as the shades of the Mavala nail polishes know no limits. So you can easily buy the Mavala nail polish to match your outfit. There are so many different colors on offer that you are sure to find the right Mavala nail polish for every occasion and every outfit.


 First apply a layer of protective base coat, then two thin layers of nail polish, finally a top coat on the nails.

additional Information

Note: All Mavala Mini Color contain 2 small stainless steel balls to efficiently mix the nail polish before use to break the product’s inherent thixotropy and restore the appropriate consistency and color

Content : 5 ml



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