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Lip Gloss

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  • Protects perfectly against different environmental influences
  • The Mavala Lip Gloss offers a beautiful shine
  • The lip gloss is easy to apply
  • Mavala has a nourishing and protective effect

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Mavala lip gloss and its properties

Our lips need attention and a lot of care, which is exactly what Mavala Lip Gloss offers you. It has a wonderful shine and also offers your lips very good protection against various environmental influences such as cold, heat, dirt and dust.

Lips need special attention. Mucous membranes that lack sebaceous glands are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution, … However, nothing prevents you from taking care of them and beautifying them.

A lip gloss that beautifies the lips – Mavala

Mavala is a successful Swiss company that has been offering high-quality care products for many years. Mavala is particularly aimed at women who value their beauty very much. It is the Mavala Lip Gloss, a lip gloss that is neither sticky nor difficult to apply. Immediately after application, beautiful, ultra-shiny lips will shine in the mirror. Your lips will look sparkling with this lip gloss. But this lip gloss is not only very good for the evening, but also for everyday life, such as for the office.

Nourishing and protective – the lip gloss from Mavala

The lip gloss, which is offered to you by the Swiss company Mavala, not only makes your lips shine, but also has a gentle and protective effect. There are many natural and effective ingredients in this lip gloss, which ensure that your lips are always well protected. It contains, for example, many different essential fatty acids such as vitamin E and omega 6. This lip gloss also contains grape seed oil, which ensures that your lips feel particularly smooth. But they will not only feel like this, Mavala also ensures that your lips are given a nourishing look.

In addition to a shiny and effective property, this lip gloss from Mavala also offers you a sweet scent. This is another benefit. If you are still looking for a lip gloss that gives your lips a beautiful shine and at the same time offers a nourishing and regenerating effect, then Mavala lip gloss is the best choice for you.

Lip Gloss Mavala – Areas of application and application

Mavala Lip Gloss is very easy to use. All you have to do is apply the lip gloss with the foam applicator that comes with it. You can apply the lip gloss whenever you want. It is not only suitable for a party or a candlelight dinner in the evening, this wonderfully shiny lip gloss can also be worn at any time during the day.

Lip Gloss Mavala – many different colors

You will find the Lip Gloss Mavala in many different colors. So you can be sure that you will find the right lip gloss for every outfit. You can choose between colors such as

  • Bubble Gum
  • lychee
  • tangerine
  • mongoose
  • Margarita
  • marshmallow
  • pink lady
  • pomelo or
  • choose strawberry.

With this large selection, you are sure to quickly find the right lip gloss color from Mavala.


Apply MAVALA Lip Gloss with the foam applicator as often as you like.

Content : 6 ml



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