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  • Five layers for superior and effective filtration; two fiber layers, two meltblown layers and a hot air treated cotton layer.
  • A high wearing comfort is achieved through the use of soft and elastic earrings.
  • Green colour
  • It’s an ideal fit.
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • 99 percent filtration efficiency
  • Mouth and nose comfort
  • Each mask is packed separately.
  • Clip for the nose area that can be adjusted

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Why should you use FPP2 masks?

Since January 2021, FFP2 masks have been required in public transport and in retail. Because: If you want to protect yourself, you need masks that are FFP3 and FFP2 certified. However, putting on these masks protects you from those around you. Even a contagious virus cannot spread as quickly if everyone covers their mouths and noses, minimizing droplet contamination.

Wearing a mask will no doubt be popular for some time. However, the continuous use of disposable masks is anything but environmentally friendly. FFP masks – short for “filtering facepieces” – are half masks that filter out particles and were originally used (mainly on construction sites) for dust protection.

FFP2 masks are able to capture over 94% of the particles in the surrounding air. The mask has an electrostatically charged unique filter layer (fleece). As a result, not only larger particles but also much smaller aerosol droplets can be collected from the air. Filter half masks with and without a breathing valve are available. This filters both inhaled and exhaled air. As a result, they not only protect the wearer, but also those in the immediate vicinity. An FFP2 mask reduces the risk of infection, especially in regions with a high concentration of people. A mask with a valve, on the other hand, does not filter exhaled air and therefore offers significantly less protection from others.

Efficiency is hidden by FFP2

Masks with an FFP2 rating provide good protection against airborne particles while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably. The fit and tightness as well as the pollutant test results were also convincing. Self filtering protection and an FFP2 approved safety mask. Both for the wearer and for the environment. A heat sealed five layer finish. An adjustable nose clip and attachment harness ensure a secure fit. Individually packaged for your convenience.

More than 95% of air pollutants, germs, microbes and droplets are removed by the 5-layer FFP2 / KN 95 mask. In this way, it protects you and others with whom you come into contact from harmful substances, both inside and outside the home. This face mask is easy to put on thanks to its soft and elastic band that slips behind the ears. The non-woven fabric used in this face mask has a particularly soothing effect on the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

How effective is your filtration system?

Of all the masks, the FFP2 has the highest filtration rate of 98 to 99 percent. It’s true that surgical masks come in a variety of versions, including Type 1, Type 2, and even Type 2R. The 2R has the greatest filtration, with a filtration percentage of 94 to 98 percent.

Is this the best place to put them?

Because of its superior filtering, the FFP2 can be suggested for use on public transport, where there are more people and consequently higher proximity. FFP2, on the other hand, has a high respiratory resistance. A lot of people struggle with it, and not everyone’s face shape is ideal for it either.

Keep the vehicle and those with it safe at all times.

However, FFP2 masks outperform all others. Not only do they block exhaled particles and surgical masks, they also filter up to 94% of ingested aerosols. Wearing a surgical mask protects you and those around you from harmful germs. Both the person wearing the mask and those around them are safe when using an FFP2. FFP2 masks have so far been suggested for nurses and nurses who are likely to come into contact with sick patients.

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