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  • Die Baumwollhandschuhe von Mavala sind angenehm und sanft zu tragen
  • Sorgen für ein tiefenwirkendes Einziehen einer regenerierenden Nachtcreme
  • Die heilenden Inhaltsstoffe einer Creme können dank der Baumwollhandschuhe besser in die Haut eindrinken
  • Die Baumwollhandschuhe von Mavala sollten abends vor dem Schlagen gehen getragen werden

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The cotton gloves from Mavala for beautiful well-groomed hands

The Swiss brand Mavala is not only very popular in Switzerland, but now all over the world. The company focuses primarily on beauty care, including nail and hand care. If you are looking for high-quality products in the field of beauty care, then Mavala products are a good choice.

The Mavala care range also includes special cotton gloves. These gloves are made from 100% cotton and are very comfortable to wear. These cotton gloves are perfect to put on after applying a restorative hand treatment. If you want beautiful and well-groomed hands, then a care treatment for your hands is a good idea. The healing substances contained in a regenerating night cream can penetrate the skin much better and deeper and distribute their active ingredients there.

The cotton gloves from Mavala and the areas of application

As already mentioned, Mavala’s cotton gloves are ideal for allowing a regenerating night cream to penetrate the skin better and deeper. But even with skin diseases such as eczema, it is very good to wear cotton gloves. With the Mavala cotton gloves, your skin is optimally protected against various external influences. But these cotton gloves are also very suitable for hand care. It is recommended if Mavala cotton gloves are worn at night while sleeping. In this way, either a night cream for hands or different types of ointments can be absorbed perfectly into the skin without soiling the bed linen.

  • The Mavala cotton gloves are made of 100% cotton
  • Is very good for caring for your hands overnight
  • The cotton gloves are easy to clean
  • They are also very good for different types of skin diseases.
  • The Mavala cotton gloves can also be worn with eczema without any problems

If you would also like to opt for Mavala’s cotton gloves, then you have several options here, because they are very well suited for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of whether you suffer from neurodermatitis or dry hands, these cotton gloves offer you a wide variety of uses.

Cotton gloves from Mavala offer a high level of comfort    

As already mentioned, the Mavala cotton gloves are made of 100% cotton. It is a very pleasant and soft material, which offers you a very high wearing comfort. The cotton gloves are very good for hand care. Your nails can also benefit from this. The material is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about getting too warm or even sweating. The big advantage of these cotton gloves is that absolutely no residue can get onto the bed linen through the gloves. However, it is also very important that you thoroughly clean the cotton gloves after each use. Even in the summer months, when your skin needs a lot of care,


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