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Lip Gloss

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Protective and ultra-shiny

Lips require special attention. Mucous membranes devoid of sebaceous glands are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution… However, there is nothing to prevent them from caring for them and beautifying them at the same time.

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MAVALA Lip Gloss is a rich, ultra-shiny, non-adhesive product. Its formula contains small, shimmering particles of pearl, which are like a myriad of stars, and a balanced balance of polymers and tendering esters, as well as grape seed oil.

This oil contains polyphenols (vitamin E enriched molecules) that help enhance the natural protection of the lips and effectively fight free radicals, which are 80% responsible for premature skin aging.

Extracts of grape seed oil, combined with tenderizing esters, give this sweet-fragrant make-up product smoothing, rebuilding and nourishing properties.


Apply MAVALA Lip Gloss with the foam applicator as many times as you like.

Content: 6 ml



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