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Certified FFP2 Skin Colored Mask 1-250 pieces

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  • The respirator provides effective protection against viruses, bacteria, dust, and droplets.
  • Filtration efficiency FFP2, the respirator is certified to more than 95%
  • Contains two active filter layers for above-standard protection
  • Extended nasal clip seals better and is more comfortable to wear
  • The materials used are pleasant for sensitive skin
  • Fits every face perfectly
  • Maximum breathability for easy breathing

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Protective Filtering Mask

Filtering Masks with protection class FFP2 . BFE filtration efficiency ≥95% EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. Made of high efficiency non-stick fabric, with heat-sealed parts in electrostatic fusion. Odorless, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Protection from PM2.5 particles, food, chemicals, coal or cement dust, metal residues and manufacturing processing.

The goggle equipped with 2 ear loops for maximum comfort. Moldable nose piece that allows the mask to adapt to the nose bridge. The special non-woven TNT fabric has very light weight but high efficiency characteristics. The material adapts to the shapes of the face, making it comfortable. Disposable daily masks, must be disposed of in the unsorted collection at the end of the day. Mask certified as protection factor FFP2 NR.

Complies with EN 149: 2001 + A1:

2009 standard. It is a personal protective equipment (PPE) compliant with the EU 2016/425 respiratory protective device regulation. The deductions provided for by the Law on CE certified personal protective equipment are possible.

Comfortable and Breathable:

 FFP2 face mask designed to provide breathing resistance that works by effectively removing impurities up to ≥95%. The special fabric is able to reduce the accumulation of heat and humidity therefore prevents the glasses from fogging, while ensuring a comfortable use during daily activities

Safe Design:

The 3D three-dimensional design with integrated soft and adjustable nose clip provides comfort and safety due to its secure fit to the face. Product certified by a European body recognized with CE code 2163, certification code 2163-PPE-973. The protection devices in category FFP2 in EU 2016/425 standard must always bear the CE marking both on the product and on the sales packages.

Certified FFP2 Skin Color Mask Features

The FFP2 NR mask is a respiratory protection device with CE marking , intended to protect the wearer against the risks of inhalation of infectious agents transmissible by the respiratory route. It also protects against the risk of transmission to others by droplets and meets the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard. The protective mask FFP2 filter at least 95% of particles of 1 μ m and greater than 99% of bacteria from 0. 3 μ m. Made with multiple layers of anti-static and anti-dust non-woven, as well as meltbrown, it covers the nose, mouth and chin. Fixing is done using flat elastics around the head and neck. A real plus in comfort: you avoid any risk of irritation behind the pillows!

The FFP2 respirator with an overall protection efficiency of at least 95% contains 2 filter layers that prevent access of bacteria, viruses, droplets and dust.The Skin respirator FFP2 does not evaporate or get wet and thanks to the pleasant material it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Good Mask respirator has an extended nasal reinforcement, so it seals well, two active filter layers ensure min. 95% filtration efficiency and breathability of the material allows for easier breathing.The Good Mask respirator meets the requirements of the EU level of health and safety, as well as the European conditions of protective equipment according to the EU Type Examination Certificate: GM2 FFP2 NR Respirator.

From stock in Germany🇩🇪 (large quantities are available)

The delivery time is 2-3 working days


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