Introduction of FFP2 masks :

The term “FFP mask” is derived from the term “Filtering Face Piece”. With high numbers of cases, the community masks are often no longer sufficient. Here’s what you need to know about the masks. While in the beginning most people wore cloth masks, today in shops, on buses and trains or in the workplace you can see mainly medical face masks (also known as surgical masks) and filtering respirators such as the FFP2 masks. The FFP2 mask, which was originally intended as a professional protective mask, is also known as a “dust mask” in the construction industry. A face mask in universal size made of non-woven fabric with air filtration of class FFP2. The mask can be made from various filter materials that have one thing in common: they can capture a sufficient amount of harmful particles from the air. Therefore, an effective filter is the most important part of a mask.

In Germany, they were mandatory in buses, trains and supermarkets during the third wave in 2021. They provide the wearer with some protection against viruses, but should not be used in contact with highly infectious patients. Given the temporary shortage of hygiene materials during the first coronavirus wave in 2020, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute announced at the time that medical personnel in infectious situations could wear FFP2 masks instead of the standard FFP3 masks if FFP3 masks were not available. Now there is no shortage of high-quality masks for these critical employees.

Introduction of FFP2 color masks:

Meanwhile, wearing FFP2 masks or other face masks that provide medical protection has become mandatory in public spaces. Although the multi-colored masks ensure the FFP2 standard respiratory protection, they significantly increase the protection of the user compared to washable mask alternatives. The most important factor in which the colored FFP2 masks differ from each other and which affects their designation is their respective filter performance. Then you should opt for the colored FFP2 masks. With BellAffair face masks, you are sure to stand out and bring color to your day. The colorful certified disposable masks are designed to have a secure yet comfortable fit on your face thanks to the elastic ear loops attached.

FFP2 masks olive green:

Unlike the community masks, the olive green FFP2 masks are designed to protect not only others, but also yourself. However, masks with exhalation valve offer much less protection for others than masks without exhalation valve. This is due to the fact that the aerosols exhaled by the exhalation valve are not collected by the filter material, but are only slowed down and swirled by the valve to a certain extent. The olive green FFP2 masks are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling particles while filtering the exhaled air.

Red Ffp2 masks:

The red FFP2 mask is a high-quality protective mask. It is a reusable hygiene mask made of fabric with a certificate of filter efficiency (equivalent to the efficiency of an FFP2 mask). The back rubber makes them very comfortable for both adults and children. The red ffp2 mask is for single use only. If the mask is damaged, it must be replaced with a new mask.

Ffp2 Mask yellow:

ffp2 mask on yellow background to protect against infectious droplets of infectious people. Face mask to protect against pollution, viruses, flu and coronaviruses. Yellow FFP2 filter mask with colored outer edge. Safety mask with double protection for the wearer and for the people around him. With five heat-sealed layers, matching rubber bands for fastening and flexible noseband for a comfortable and secure fit.

FFP2 Protective Mask Beige :

FFP2 Protective Mask Beige 5 pieces are non-reusable FFP2 masks that limit the spread of infection. They filter the inhaled outside air and retain microorganisms, particles and other pathogens from the environment. Non-reusable beige FFP2 protective mask without valve, the purpose of which is to protect the person wearing it.

Ffp2 brown:

The brown FFP2 protective mask protects your respiratory tract by blocking fine particles. The brown FFP2 mask is intended to protect the respiratory tract from airborne particles, such as .B viruses. The dark brown FFP2 mask (1 piece) is a mask equipped with an FFP2 filter that protects the wearer of the mask from viruses and thus prevents both infection and transmission. The concave shape of the masks makes them very comfortable and gives us a good feeling by making breathing easier.

Ffp2 green:

The dark green FFP2 mask is a self-filtering mask that protects against pathogens such as bacteria or viruses. It helps to filter the air inhaled from the outside and retains microorganisms, particles and other pathogens from the environment. The GREEN FFP2 respirator has been manufactured according to European standards and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is made of high quality material with elastic rubber bands and can be worn by anyone. The good fit prevents fogging of the mask when wearing goggles. It provides protection against less harmful solid particles.

Tips for the correct use of the masks:

The mask must cover the mouth, nose and cheeks. The edges of the mask must close tightly with the face so that no air can escape on the sides. If you are using a new FFP2 mask for the first time, make sure that enough air can flow through it so that your normal breathing is hindered as little as possible. Beard wearers should know that the beard prevents the tight fit of the FFP2 mask. Even if you wear an FFP2 mask or other medical mask, you must continue to keep your distance from those around you.

Can I reuse FFP2 masks?

In the professional field of occupational health and safety, FFP masks are only intended for single use. This is due to the fact that trained personnel (e.B. in medical care or construction) are often exposed to an increased risk of transmission. In daily life, however, we are usually exposed to less exposure to pathogens. That’s why many people choose not to throw away their privately used FFP2 masks after a single use as intended, but to wear them multiple times. If you want to reuse your FFP2 masks, you can hang them to dry (in the meantime, please wear a different mask if you are in public spaces).


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before use. Unpack the mask, put it on your face and place the earhook holders around your ears. Adjust the mask so that the mouth, nose and chin are completely covered. Bend the strip around your nose so that the mask sits properly on your face.

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