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Colored FFP2

Colored FFP2 If you are looking for an anvil mask that is not only beautiful to look at, but also protective and functional, and that

Wear FFP2 masks

Wearing FFP2 masks: First and foremost, it is important to buy a mask that is legitimized by the right documents. We prefer the European FFP2

Introduction of FFP2 masks

Introduction of FFP2 masks : The term “FFP mask” is derived from the term “Filtering Face Piece”. With high numbers of cases, the community masks

Colorful fpp2

Masks in the pandemic: The coronavirus continues to circulate, and the number of infected people continues to rise. To avoid another lockdown, many countries are

Why do we need a mask?

Need a Masks Whether or not you show symptoms of the coronavirus, wearing a mask can also protect others. Masks are therefore important for anyone

Black color masks

Why are masks mandatory? Masks, along with social distancing, are a fundamental tool to combat the spread of the coronavirus. At the beginning of the

Black Masks 2

Wearing masks The masks against the coronavirus delivered to hospitals and other facilities have differences of up to 6,000%! This emerges from a series of

Fpp2 Masks

Wearing masks The recommendation for wearing a mask is that it serves as a barrier when a person sneezes or coughs, thereby reducing the spread

Colored masks

FPP2 Masks FFP2 respirators are often used in environments where there are solid pollutants in the form of dust in the air. You can filter

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