Why are masks mandatory?

Masks, along with social distancing, are a fundamental tool to combat the spread of the coronavirus. At the beginning of the health emergency, we were confronted with a need that today finds its answer in a massive production of such personal protective equipment. With the spread of the virus, the production of masks has also increased, and in some cases – for example, in the case of cloth masks – we are not sure of their effectiveness. Wearing masks is mandatory whenever possible, both indoors and outdoors. But beyond official duties, the mask is a guarantee to protect yourself and others. FFP2 masks are intended for professional use and are designed for a duty cycle, although not continuous, of 8 hours. It is possible to reuse them until the number of hours specified in the technical and safety data sheet has been reached. They are therefore to be regarded as disposable masks.

Fpp2 Masks:

The FFP2 masks are respiratory protection devices recommended for anyone who is in high-risk situations, such as.B. in laboratories and more generally for health professionals caring for infected or considered vulnerable persons, as well as for all persons who are in high-risk places, such as.B. in enclosed spaces with low air exchange and in all crowded rooms. The special feature of this item number is that each mask is individually packed in a semi-transparent plastic bag that contains information about materials, precautions, methods and advice for correct use, illustrated with pictograms and clear drawings. The FFP2 YYC1028 mask is a perfect personal protection device suitable for various environmental situations and filters at least 95% of all microparticles, especially microparticles with a diameter of 2.5 around.

What is a mask FFP2 or surgical ? Which ones are best to filter? At what age should a child wear one outside? What are the prices? How to dress them and how to wash them? Do they have an expiration date?

Qualities of fpp2 masks

FFP2 masks (equivalent to other international standards known as N95, KN95 and P2 masks) are increasingly being used in retirement and nursing homes. They provide some protection against viruses for the carrier, but should not be used in contact with highly infectious patients. Now there is no shortage of high-quality masks for such critical employees.

colored fpp2 masks

The colored ffp2 masks are the fashion of the moment. They have become a matter of luxury. They are safe and certified. Covid does not depart from these. But the white ones are too “hospital” and therefore, as it is natural that it is, they look for them colored to the clothes chosen to put the day. They give a touch of joy and allow us to protect ourselves and relieve us of the worry of still being in an emergency. In short, being in a health emergency doesn’t mean we always have to be depressed. The colored FFP2 mask protects your respiratory tract from bacteria, allergens, polluting dust, various vapors and contaminating exhaust gases. As we have seen, the colored FFP2 mask is essential to filter out many pollutants, but remember carefully that incorrect use can lead to secondary diseases.

Fpp2 masks, which are reusable filter masks, are recommended to protect the airways from the ingress of small volumes of air particles and diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. FFP2 protection is ensured by a reinforced mask structure. 5 filter layers, based on nonwovens and high-tech meltblown filter fabric. The construction ensures tightness, high protection and free breathing. Adapts tightly and sensitively to the face and leaves no irritation or imprints.

Black masks:

A black FFP2 mask is a respirator designed to protect the wearer from inhaling both droplets and airborne particles. Wearing this type of mask is more restrictive (thermal discomfort, respiratory resistance) than that of a surgical mask. It is reserved for the medical professionals of the entire chain (medical transport, firefighters, freelance doctors, nurses, etc.). FFP2 face masks are designed to adapt to the face better than other disposable masks to improve comfort and protect the user from inhaling harmful particles. The masks should only be used once and then disposed of. You should also remove and replace the masks if they are wet, as this can affect the effectiveness of the filter.

Certified fpp2 masks:

FFP2 masks (equivalent to N95 / KN95) comply with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). Recommended by the WHO for use during the onset of SARS, bird flu and coronavirus. FFP2/N95/N95 masks have a filtration rate of at least 94% and a maximum leakage of 8% inside. They are mainly used to protect against influenza viruses in construction, agriculture and medical professionals. Today, they are also used to protect against the coronavirus. All masks are ranked according to the protection they provide. Each country has a different classification system for the respective masks. FFP2 is the version of the European Union and the United Kingdom, N95 is the version of the United States. and the KN95 is the version used in China.

Meaning of fpp2 masks:

The FFP2 High Protection Filter Face Mask is a lightweight mask for protection against solid and liquid particles according to the protection category EN FFP2. The mask can always be reused by the same person. When folded and flat, it can be easily and hygienically transported anywhere. Thanks to its filter technology and quality, the FFP2 High Protection Filter face mask can be used as effective protection in all applications. Optimal adaptation to the shape of the face due to the flat design. FFP2 masks are mandatory for people aged 14 and over. Citizens should wear them when travelling on MMM (buses, trams, trains and metro), when entering shops (e.B supermarkets), service areas and clinics. Teachers, warehouse workers and public sector employees who come into contact with the population must also comply with the new measure in their workplaces, as they cannot keep a distance of two meters. In addition, they are equipped with a comfortable elastic band made of spandex, a synthetic polyurethane fiber, which makes them soft, flexible and light. They are individually packaged to ensure hygiene and perfect preservation and to avoid any contamination, and are provided with an NR marking indicating that it is a disposable filter mask and not a reusable one.

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